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If you’re in the market for a barrister who understands the legal system like the back of their hand, respects due process and has a passion for justice then you’ve found your match with Advocate. Based in Kolkata, we offer a wide range of meticulous services when it comes to researching and developing cases and pleas to high court, as well as ensuring the advocacy of your courtroom. If you’re looking for a quality experienced barrister, you can reach us on 9804016548.

Qualified Barristers

Our barristers are trained and qualified across the judicial and legal systems which ensures that your court cases will be received with the utmost due diligence and any review of legal documents will be completed accurately and with extraordinary attention to detail. Take a look at some of our testimonies from previous clients and solicitors to learn more the work we’ve done on previous cases.

Excellent Customer Services

We have gained something of a reputation for providing top quality service to all of our clients. The secret? We value transparency, simplicity, and customer consultation while matching the right barrister to the right client. Our attentive team will help you with all the official paperwork, answer any questions related to your case, and keep you updated about the trials and their outcome. We will always let you know when deadlines are coming up, and always meet the target dates that are scheduled.


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